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I feel anxious but so happy I reached this so young at only Thank you so much for writing this it has made me feel so relieved what I am going through is real and positive. I feel i have a purpose in life for the first time in my life. Awakening also menas a change in your body. I experience headaches and jint pain too.

This is also accompanied by fast ideas images abd emotions rushing and seemingly unstoppable.

Chapter 19 – The Holy Spirit in the Life and Testimony of Jeremiah

At one point I thought I was going crazy. I am no different. I am waking up- Pain and sadness is slowly disappearing and new emoitions are coming up like long periods of gratitude, bliss and less worry. I nearly lost my mind! Do you have any idea what any of this could mean? Your article has resonated with me in a way that is surreal. I resonate with everything that this article has touched upon. I am also glad to see so many people have responded to it as I no longer feel alone.

However, as good and amazing as some of the spiritual transformations mentioned here, I find it rather challenging to integrate the spiritual transformation experiences into my current life. It becomes a draining and exhausting experience. No jobs seems to want me anymore. I start to dream alien type of beings. I would write the dreams down. Do the beings feel benevolent? Have you understood their messages? They are communicating with you. I have been experiencing every step since quite some time and am on the path to spirituality. You have expressed very beautifully.

May u be always blessed. Excellent article from a person who have gone through the different phases and having the skill to it so beautifully to help others. So I was reassured more than anything to read your post and recognise many of the symtoms as reflections of my personal experiences. This was a fantastic read.

Chapter 19 - The Holy Spirit in the Life and Testimony of Jeremiah -

I felt identified and happy to not be alone. My phone clock also stayed in This described a lot about what I am experiencing now from a process that came naturally and has been enhanced after starting to study Metaphysical Sciences. Everything I read, think and do along with my thoughts on things are increasing in speed and intensity. There is an overwhelming feeling that I need to get things done and quickly.

I feel that our perception of time is changing and that time is going faster and faster. I am unsure whether any of this has to do with the cosmos or is just an overall symptom of a more awakened spiritual nature.

Day 18: Fasting

My spiritual awakning was in at the age off And gone throw everything you speaking off. Everything you said is how I am feeling right now. I will be 33 on April 26th. I need to read more of your post…. This was a fantastic read! Thank you for sharing it. This perfectly explains the symptoms of an awakening. Although sometimes these symptoms can be a little stressful to handle and you might need someone to guide you through the process. Myree has helped me through this life changing experience and deepening my own awareness. Real good guide for sharpening skills to achieve awakening for those who just got initiated orby chance discovered themselves.

Wow just reading this I find myself running through the events I went through few years ago.

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I was hospitalized and put on medication after those symptoms. And I struggled very much. Not because I was really sick. It was very complicated. But seeing this makes me happy because someone actually have positive regards to these symptoms I happened to have as well. I wrote a book about my awakening. Not many are interested though unless they are going through something similar.

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I also want to thank you so much for this post. I would love to read more english from you. More articles in english will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your interest in this work. I really would love to speak with you as this is crazy!! But now I see others have same its less so for me!! But I still have had crazy things happenings new people In my life!

We are always thankful that God chose you to be among the first to experience salvation—a salvation that came through the Spirit who makes you holy through your belief in the truth. Thank you so much for this!! It will always be true. Nothing special about this one. I was searching for some sort of explanation or someone who is experiencing nearly all these same changes that have turned my life around.

Not sure if others believes in the term empath, or that they walk alongside or with us. And maybe my spiritual awakening is the answer. My story is way to long to post but I need to say thank you. Thank you for this, its a wonderful piece. Thank you so much for this. I have been going through all of this without realizing what it was all about and feeling really out of place and weird and different, and most of all, alone.

It has magnified over the last month as I have had a lot of time to myself and after discovering abraham hicks. It has been so difficult and up and down, so thank you for writing all of this. This puts everything into a meaning for me and I now understand how amazing this is. You have given me a chance to embrace this awakening and to embrace myself as I am.

Ever after awakening to myself and to the world, everything and everyone around me looks way uglier than ever. I loved this article. Well written and with a lot of truth. One huge problem, it lacks any insight on how to deal with all those feelings. How to deal with hypersensitivity, deep sadness, and so on. And if experienced for prolonged periods of time, it can start affecting negatively and lead to psychological problems. It would had been nice if they had included at least some advice on how to deal with those feelings. How to find your path and staying focused during the process.

Oh well, it is what it is and that is good in a way. It was meant to be that way. Endless visions before sleep or during dreams — of yantras, deities, or sacred geometry. I trust English is ok. Since then, there is an explosion of Universal knowledge My question and comment: One week ago, I awoke to danger in the physical and my body was paralyzed while I waited for my spirit to rejoin.

This is my first awareness. I am a healer, I do focus the Light before I fall into sleep. Has this been happening all along or would I have been aware sooner? Reacting to the negativity by pointing it out is still being judgemental. It made me feel naked. Thank you very much for writing about this in english, my french would not have been good enough! I really thought i was going crazy, i thought i needed medical attention. Just because i was feeling all what you descrived. I thought my life was going in the wrong direction. That i was lost. So I threw myself into the internet, and started searching.

Thankyou for showing me that. Wow the volume of comments. Open the bible and all is revealed. Of course a practical way of benefiting with like minded people is joining your local born again christian group. These 21 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening arrived at precisely the right moment in time. You are a giver of light. I was worried about the changes I experienced in the past one year, and now this article actually is so apt. Thank you and love from India. It is sensational how accurate your article is! I just went on a spiritual journey and had my awakening.

I just wish you have tips for how someone like me in a sellout corporate job can pursue his spiritual awakening and yet make a living. I would love to have a private talk with you somehow. Regardless, thanks for the amazing article! YEs, I like how you have put it. I feel most of these described, some though not so much and not yet but I believe it all unfolds. I am excited to learn and read of others who have commented who are like hearted and minded. So few I get to meet in the world and when I do it is a privilege.

Hi I am trying to understand what is going on! As I have people coming into my life trying to get me to believe Very strange!

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If you can help me or direct me to anywhere that can help would appreciate it!! Happy to pay for this Thanks Owen. I just want to say thank you. You certainly know about this, thank you and much love! It gets easier promise. Keep shopping around for people that can help you. Make sure to do shadow work as that really helped with the process.

So happy I am not alone in these experiences and look forward to an English blog. I give but struggle to have my own needs mets. Thank you so much for this! It is where I am currently at right now! I was in Alcoholics Anonymous for a few years, and they talked about a spiritual awakening but they have no idea what it really means and is.

I am crying like crazy while reading this. I am going through every one of those things. Not many people will understand…. Oh my goodness, each and everything you describe is exactly what I am going through!!! Thank you so much for the clarity and putting my feelings into words!

Having experienced it and lost it, life seems barely worth living anymore. I did experienced the same action by exchanging my values from materialistic living to exploring world expacially by foot. My beginning walking out of ilusion was when I was 33 years old 9 years ago. Now mu counciousness is complitly different. Is like being out of darkness. Thanks for this article it was really good fo me to read and to clarify that this is what is happening to me now and to a lot of more people This is now my true motivation to make my art and comunicate through art this spiritual truth.

We are drawn to high energy food, such as a vegan diet with a good proportion of raw fruits and vegetables 14 Changing sleep patterns You need more sleep than before, you feel tired when waking up. You have awaken and it is the start of your new life. Dear Dinka , I believe you should listen more to your intuitions and let go on anything that seem wrong to you.

Thank you for sharing. I love this post. It is true and magic. I have felt every single one of these symptoms! Glad to hear there is a common thread among us. This is what I call experiencing a newness of soul. What a powerful gift we have been given through fasting. Along with your fasting, make sure you slow your pace and remove distractions. Try to add some times of silence and solitude along with your fasting. Excerpts taken from Awakening: Now this may be the most controversial chapter in the entire book, because folks have been taught to believe the soul and spirit are synonymous.

Even preachers preach this untruth and today I pray that darkness gives way to light. Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact that the Bible was originally translated from Hebrew to Greek to Latin and then later to English. I submit that the second greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing the world that our soul and spirit were one in the same. Eat and Stay Thin. The Daniel Plan Jumpstart Guide. The Daniel Plan Study Guide. The Day Faith Detox. Soul Detox Participant's Guide. Becoming the Woman I Want to Be. Fruitarian Raw Food Transition. The Life of the Body: Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Formation.

Why am I Fat? The Healthy Living Handbook. Lose the Emotional Baggage: How to stop eating unhealthy food, Ways to control unhealthy eating habits. The Angels' Little Diet Book. Freedom from Fibromyalgia Pain. Getting In Shape God's Way. Nathaniel Hawthorne Bronner Jr. Fasting and Weight Loss. Healthy Habits for a Fit Family. Beauty From the Inside Out.