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Right Revd David Pytches. Grandad's Wit and Wisdom. Curiosities of Puritan Nomenclature. We Irish and Americans. My Life with the Triune God. The Sun Will Shine Again. He is our cousin, Cousin. The Man of the Cloth. Twenty-Five Days Around the Manger. A Cloud of Witnesses. Coping with the Wobbles of Life. How Rich Are You. Secret Meetings, Codes and Community. Tried but Not Tired! Famous People In Verse Vol 2. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

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If anyone has any information about other connections and relations please contact me at jermain. Hi I'm trying to research my family, my grandad was called tucker victoria Robinson greah i think he moved to the UK in the 50's. Hi everyone, I was having a conversation with my dad about our history, and found out that my grandfather's family or at least part of his family was originally from Montserrat, before relocating to the United States. My grandfather's name was Patrick White, but the family name before then was O'Garrow. I may have spelled that wrong, not so sure of it.

Anyway, my grandfathers family also supposedly owned land near where the Volcano erupted. I would have loved to see it. If anyone has info about the O'Garrow's or even the White family, due share it. My grandfathers from the island - last name Molyneaux. Please email me any info i'd be extremely grateful. Hi lawrence, I am a Buntin From St. Kitts My Family are the only ones, My grandmothers father was a Buntin, but i think he was born in St.

Kitts, but have roots in Montserrat. I also knoe that he was family to the shields as well. Regards with love for you all. I lived on Montserrat right before hurricane hugo and went to the public school near woodlands. Montserrat is the most beautiful place I have ever lived. I would go back in a heartbeat! My name is Pamela Bassett but my maiden name is Riley. I am one of eight siblings and we are all descendants of two large families from Montserrat, the Boatswains and the Rileys, from our father's side.

Our father was Samuel Douglas Riley. Samuel Boatswain's parents were Patrick and Sita Boatswain. John also had a twin brother whose name we do not know. We also have a connection to the West family, as one of Samuel Boatswain's brothers, Timothy Boatswain had a daughter by the name of Esther, who married a George Henry West.

We are also very connected to the Meade, Dyer, O'Garro and Dungee families via marriages within the Boatswain family line. We are still trying to find information on Patrick and Sita, especially her maiden name and also on John Douglas Riley's twin brother. We have put together extensive family trees at a couple of websites. Please feel free to contact me at the email address displayed here if you have information regarding anyone in the family line and I will add that information and share the trees with you.

We are not allowed to post the website links here. Let's keep up the research! Pamela Alicia Riley Bassett-Carmalt. Hello to all whom have found this site fascinating as I did.

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And to those who are still in search of information to lend towards the development of a family tree, I wish you the best of luck. However, I would like to know more about the Murrain family, primarily at the point where African slaves were introduced to the island. My maternal grandfather was Murrain; however, it was the name inherited from his forefathers through slavery. That history is apparently lost to most and I would love to experience some account of it. If there is any Murrain or anyone out there with information to share, please contact me at my email address.

I am presently residing in the wonderful Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Much peace and love to all. I came upon this website. I am researching the Hussey family. My greatgrandmother grew up in Montserrat. Her name was Annie Hussey. She left Montserrat to go to Trinidad. She had a sister named Susan or Suzanne. I don;t know much more,only that she was born in Hi Sharon please forgive the sketchiness of my information,as a child in Montserrat I could remember a Hussey family living in Friths the name nana or mama Hussey come to mind there might be a tina also, I am sure my mother and my uncles would know a deal more of this family as they were living quite close you are welcome to contact me and I will see what I could find out for you.

Hello to Philip Brade. I am so happy that you responded to this email so quickly. I would be happy if you could help me get on to the Hussey family that you know about. My email address is acreativeresearcher gmail. Hoping to hear from you soon. I found this site quite by chance my name is charles dowdye the name Dowdye is from montserraat on my fathers side his name was John dowdye My mother is Sarah Elizabeth Martin who lived in grandstand her mother And father wiiam and Catherine Martin lived in st Patrick's. Catherine had a brother And sister Richard Martin and Mary caty My father John had a brother called boxie and 2 sisters.

I am trying to Put together my family tree but it is painstaking If anyone has information on the martins. Or anyone who lived At trials please contact. This is a good quick overview of Montserrat. I do question the section called The Arts and Humanities. I just returned from a trip to Montserrat and met many top-notch writers and artists. Anyone interested in learned more about the scene there could check out the annual Alliouagana festival and the work of Dr.

Antiguans and Barbudans

Fergus collecting and publishing the work of Caribbean writers, including many from Montserrat. I'm also looking for my family tree as well my father dad name is Ryan but his mother last name is Bryan if u share those last name hit me up on my email. Hi I wondered if anyone could give me any information about the Mulcare family, my father Jonathon was born in Harris I believe in Montserrat in Hi Just wondering if anyone has information on the Parson or parsons family, my grandmothers maiden Name would have be laurancena parson and her fathers Was Samuel, I think they lived in Harris Area Thankyou.

Hello Everyone, It's a real pleasure seeing folks trying to reconnect. Montserrat has always had a larger community abroad than at home and we really have to stay connected. Thanks to whoever created this site. I would like to find out more information about my grandfather's first wife. Her name was Ann Weldon Trott and we know little about her.

Antiguans and Barbudans

My grandfather, John Henry Jeffers preserved her name by adding Weldon to his first son's name. Please feel free to email me at jamaalj54 gmail. I hope this helps Thanks Beresford. Thomas is origanally from Bakers Hill Codgoe Head. Thomas and Janie as she was called together had 16 children but my grandfather had two or three children before marriage, aunt Rosalyn was one of them and I knew her very well. If we are talking about the same people then we are closely related. My mother's name is Mono Tuitt. I hope this info would be of some help and I also forwarded this message to my brother whos much better than me at recognizing family.

Leroy Allan Martin, Sr. I was born in , and went to Wesley Elementary School. A whole bunch of O'Garro boys were there too. I have forgotten most of the names. I do remember there was a David, a William, and a Philip. You didn't mess with the O'Garro boys. There were too many of them and they were only to happy to fight if anyone did anything to any of them. Philip appeared to be the exception though. There was also an older O'Garro brother that must have gone through the school before me, because I remember him as an adult and I think he was the eldest.

Never learned his real name. He went by the name "Apache". Big guy, but more likely to break up a fight than start one. Also at Wesley school at the time was an Evelyn Buntin Bunting? She lived on Waterlane. She had the smoothest dark skin, and was always disappointed when she didn't get sent to the school dentist. I grew up in Plymouth Town Hill. My father is Leonard Aubrey Martin Babbabs. His father was Ray Martin. I don't know how I might be connected to the Martins from Trials or St. It would be good to find out if I am. Blessed Be fellow Montserratians.

I am also doing a family tree. The saying goes we are all cousins anyway. Please contact me if you need any info as well and I will see what I can do. I join you Montserratians researching your roots. My grandparents were born there and I have been working on a family tree for a while. If these names are familiar to you, please contact me by clicking on my name above.

Still searching for the Willock link! If anyone here knows of a Louisa Willock married to Nicholas Riley, both of Montserrat please contact me. Hello, My son is doing a project on Montserrat. He is trying to find some traditional dessert recipes. There were very influential in the early part of the 19th century and have left a few decendents on the island but many more have migrated away to the UK, USA, CAnada and Australia. There are many variations on the spelling of the name and I have some interesting stories about a Mrs Dowdy in who felt that she was defrauded of her land and slaves.

It had interesting consequences and Mathew Dowdy Shiell, a mullato Methodist lay-preacher and store-keeper may have be decended from one of her slaves. His son Matthew Phipps Shiell the "King of Redonda" lived all his adult life in Britain and was a prolific writer of adventure stories. Contact me for more details on richard. I Am also a Decendent of Montserrat. I am currently looking for my family line which is Boatswain, Ryan, and Duberry. I'm glad to know that we are still out there, if you are apart of this family blood please contact me.

Antiguans And Barbudans |

I also know alot of Buntins as well. George Buntin, was actually my Grandmothers Husband. My name is Michael J. I am looking for any live relatives still living on the Island. I have lived in the USA since the early 70's. I am trying to reunite with my relatives. Please contact me at this Email address above. My name is Mona O'Garro , my husband family are descendent of Montserrat. I'll be visiting this year in Dec for the first time and is do excited to see the country where my husband and his family was born. I am looking for my family also my grandmother name was Mary Meade better known as Minnie she was born December 27 , she has a brother not sure of his name.

My grandfather had a brother they call him Moses. My dad was born there with two other brothers my dad name is William Nathaniel Richard Robinson they call him John he was born September 3 His brothers name is Daniel Robinson who lives in England we heard. My dad youngest brother died a few years ago and his name was Arthur Robinson. I was told that my grandparents was from Farms and Harries. When I was very young like five years old my grandfather came to my parents home in Antigua and he was ridding a donkey he was light skin, very tall slim and very nice hair.

My dad also remember a lady they would take him to see was Anna or Nanna in Brade he is not sure if she was his aunt or godmother. I would be very happy if anyone could please help me find out any information on my family.

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I am currently tracing my family tree and am extremely surprised to find that my grandfather eight times removed was born at The Farm st Georges Montserrat in about It appears that during there life numerous journeys took place between Montserrat and England as some children were born in either place. Is it possible to find out anything about there lives, status and work.

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I am assuming because of the apparent frequent travelling that they were not poor. Any information would be very gratefully received back here in Derbyshire England. Hi my grandmother is from Montserrat her surname is Ryan. My great grandmother is called Catherine cash. I wondered if there are any Ryan's here. My grandmother and her mom now live in England.

I just wondered if there are any Ryan's in Montserrat. Also I'm looking for my grandad side of the family. He also lives here in England. I'm more interested in finding info on him as my mom has never met her dad we don't know much. S this article and comments are very interesting. Hi my mother and father are from Montserrat. I have so many family members I would love to find. My uncle was the late chief minister John Osbourne and he had children I never met. Not to mention all my family who left to England. I want to know more about my Irish relatives.

On you tube you can find my grandfather and grandmother Mr. Allen from who owned the local post office. I think this article is great and hopefully more folks will find out about this page. Hi This information is well researched and very informative. I am trying to follow the roots of the Fergus Family which moved down the caribbean to S. Vincent and as far as Trinidad.

I am researching my family from Montserrat. My grandfather is John Beach, who was born on Montserrat around John and his brother Thomas moved to NY in the early 's. I believe their mother was Belle Lee. I have heard that we are related to the Allens, Dyers, Ryans. Any info you may haave on my family, please email me aloha5 hotmail. My parents live in England and have five children. My fathers mother was Sarah Allen. Also when my mother was a girl she was known as Tanny. If anyone knows my family please contact me. My parents gave me a wonderful up bringing and would like to hear from anyone who may know or remenber them.

Jeannette White nee wyke. Fhi seems to be a knowledgeable, helpful. Can you help me find my roots? My father, Joseph Wyke had about 10 brothers and sisters. He had a nephew name Thomas Isles. I know nothing more of my Paternal family. There was also a Dr. David Wyke who lived in Trinidad whose wife was Marguerite. She was white, both now deceased. His father was John Taitt Andrews. I would love to know where they originated from. I have no information of his birth other than it was either or He was a merchant seaman when he married in in Liverpool.

The name Taitt is, I think, a mothers maiden name. Is there anyone else researching the name Andrews or Taitt, Tait? What sort of records are available? Hello, i found this page after a conversation with my cousin,i found out both my great great grandmothers were from Montserrat , My great great grandmother on my Mothers side her name was Catherine meade she left the Island and migrated to Trinidad,if anyone has any info please feel free to contact me at dkc gmail.

Thank you for the information on Monsterrat. My mother is from Plymoth. I am looking for information on the Weekes family or the Piper family. Any information would be helpful. My grandmother name was Mary Weekes. My grandfather was Tom Piper a teacher. Connection with or married to Maltese girl in 70s had one daughter.

They split and she took the girl back to live in Malta. She would like to know if anyone remembers her family. I moved to Montserrat in to live with my aunt and grandmother in Water Lane, Plymiouth. I returned to the UK in and since then have on a number of occasions returned. It was unfortunate, that the last time I had visited the island was in August about 3 weeks after the volcano had begun to wake.

I was, at the time, serving in one of Britain's armed forces and had moved to the island to help those who were left - for a few weeks. My father and mother had returned to the island about 5 years previously and after the eruption returned to the UK. I have travelled and lived in many parts of the world; but Montserrat will always have a very special place in my heart. I hope you all find success in your searches. I was born in Boston in my mom and dad are from Montserrat. My last name is Herbert and my moms maiden name is Williams. My grandmother still lives on the island.

Her name is Petty Herbert, my grandfather on my fathers side last name is Thompson. Good reading on the history of montserrat and family names. I would love to try and find my family tree. I have not been able too before, so hoping this might be my time to start. His dad's full name is Thomas Semper who at one point lived in America an who had lots of kids with different women, with my dad's mother he four sons - William, Wilbert, Avon an Jimmy. We related too the Ryan's, White's. My dad's name is Avon Semper an we live in England London, would love to hear from any body who can help get this tree started.

Also would love to state that i've been to Montserrat on many occasions and it is truly a beautiful Island an the people lovely. Bye for now Valerie. My name is an adopted name from John Dowdye akka John Punkin. Her brother John Hub Meade had a rum shop there. She also had brothers Daniel and Thomas my favourite uncle who died young. My bothers are Charles Gary and George.

My sisters are Melvina who I was raised with by my dear grandmother Catherine Martin who moved to America is is now deceased. I have fond memories. MMontserrat was a great place for growing up and I have great memories. A great deal of the names mentioned rings a bell. However coming to the UK aged 11 and not returning until my father Charles Jarvis died a few years ago a lot of information is lost. In fact I would be happy if anyone have any information they can share regarding my family. My name is Noella Dowdye akka Sofie Lion!!

Born to Charlie Jarvis and Sarah Dowdye. This site should be more widely publicised. It was an accident that I found it. I grew up in Montserrat which was absolutely beautiful. Children could go to school alone freely and play and walk freely around the island without fear.

I remember walking to school from St patricks to Plymouth. I used to walk where I could along the beach and where the beach became dangerous would return to the roads and would walk back home the same way. I remember the nuns used to cook what we called weeble soup and me and my sister used to get bread and cake from the bakery. My favourite was coconut tart a d rough-up and hot french stick.

I remember the huge bridge with the sea underneath just before you enter Plymouth. I remember the lush mountain foliage with clear running spring water, where bananas and dasheen grew wild, it was like a garden of Eden with mango trees coconut trees bread fruit trees avocado trees I can go on forever naming all the vegetarian God provided for that tiny little island.

Our family was very tight and because of shortage of work and excitement on the island people started to go to neighbouring islands. America and the UK. My aunt Lucie Meade went to live in St. Croix and settle in New Jersey. My mum came to Britain married and her andhher husband sent for me and my sister years later. We stay with our grandmother , which at the time was the done thing. I am sure that there a numerous montserratians who could relate to this.

Another thing is that most of islanders are relatef in one way or another. There was a shortage of men and families were matriarchal. So all you people who have next of kin from Montserrat make sure you ask questions. The questions should be are we first cousins or cousins removed? Hi there, my name is Leah Nathaniel and my fathers family where from Montserrat but I never got to know them because my father passed away when I was a baby. The problem is whenever I talk to other families from Montserrat they don't recognize Nathaniel as a Montserratian surname, so I just want to know if it does originate from Montserrat.

Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards Leah My email address: First time I heard this country name. Wonderful culture and place. I want to know insider culture and living being and thinking and doing. This all of things I want to know from monster rattan. Hi read article 72 I'm looking for some long lost family members who grew up in monserrat my gran was from St Patrick who's name was Sarah Farrell. She then moved to England in 50s with William semper Meade who was also from monserrat but I don't no the region if anyone has any information on family name Meade of Farrell please get in touch any information would be much apreciated.

My husband and I are planning to spend 3 curious months on this special island next spring. I am trying to learn anything and everything I can about the island's people and their culture. Indeed, it is a very unique little world. A few weeks spent there this year proved the island to be worth to explore much deeper and wider We found Montserratians to be very friendly and welcoming. Thank you for sharing the above information with others. Hi, Reading all these post made me excited about possibly finding my ancestors. Are there any other Ebberts who would perhaps care to share information?

I have found numerous spellings of each of these surnames. Thank you for sharing. Hello, I am looking into building my family tree, so far its been a bit difficult. My grandmother was Florence Eliza Daley Gerald a. I know that my grandmother did come from a large family, around brothers and sisters.

I'm looking for any information on Gerald s and Daley s. I know so far that they were registered in the UK as getting married around but they have her last name as Daly , and then they came to Canada in I do have some relations with a George Harper O'Garro who lives in England he was one of my grandfathers brothers, another brother was Dennis Gerald. I have some distant relations to Allen's as cousins as well. Thanks in advance to any one that may have some information. Hello my name is Tasheena Sackes-Bramble, my family on my mothers side is from Montserrat as well.

I would also like to find some more information about my family, the Bramble family, so if anyone knows anything please email me at brambletasheena12 gmail. Hi there, a message for Terese. My Dad is a Molyneaux by his mothers side. His Grandmother was called Louisa Molyneaux by marriage. They lived in St. Kitts but his Grand dad was from Montserrat. Together they had two children: Iris Molyneaux my grandmother and Austin Molyneaux.

There are still some Molyneaux's in St. This is awesome from the article to the comments. I dont know if I will make any new connections, but keeping in the spirit of connecting branches to the family tree here it goes: They were from Plymouth Montserrat. Reginald Martin was my great grandfather who was also from Montserrat. Alberta Roach also lived in the South. I'm always interested in my family that proceeded me as well as extended relatives so it's great to add new leaves to my tree. I hope to visit Montserrat next year and can't wait to endulge in some authentic goat water!!

Hi my name is Courtney Weekes, i found this article whilst researching Montserrat where my grandfather was from. His name was Aubrey Weekes, he was born in and grew up in baker hill before he moved to London England in My family and i are looking to come to Montserrat in the near future to bring my grandfathers ashes back home where he loved. I don't know if i will find out any more about my family tree through here but it is worth a try! I am seeking information about my family tree, from Montserrat, Tuit's Village. Please make contact if anything sounds familiar. Hey I am half Arawak indian and trying to get contact with my tribal member please email me if you know more info my email is stacdmiller31 gmail.

I have noticed a lot of Daley and Weekes looking for family. I too am a Daley with Weekes in the mix. I have also met few other relations. My grandfather the late Richard Alexander Daley was born there around and came to the states by way of Canada to NY in around 19th or 30s. His father my great grandfather was Henry Daley of Nixon Village who followed him coming to the states in early s. Henry had many, many, many children some who have migrated throughout the Caribbean, Canada, U.

My Grandfather married my grandmother, Matilda Edinborough from St. Kitts, who are also from the McIntosh family. Family names I do know from my grandfather's siblings are: