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Fuelie; Fuelies Forever … Continuous Improvement, p. Aluminum-head convertible; Alluring Lightweight, p.

C4 Corvette Vehicle Jack Points and Procedure by Paul Koerner

Burt Reynolds roadster, p. All Shook Up, p. Modified '61; Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. Corvette's Top Gun, p. Roman Red '61; Win A Corvette Carlisle give-away car, p. Fuelie roadster; Relative Roadsters, p. Fuelie radster; Fantasy Fuelie, p. Custom '62; Cool Customs Fuelie convertible; Fast Fuelies Fuelie convertible; Concours Cruiser, p. Small-block convertible; Came The Revolution, p. Two Grand Sport replicas; Cool Customs Fuelie Coupe; Split Personality, p. Z06 coupe; Rarin' To Race, p. Small-block coupe; Driven To Be Driven, p.

Three-speed convertible; Beauty And Simplicity, p. Fuelie coupe; Hidden Hero Tonowanda mystery small-block; Mystery In The Making, p. Ticket To Ride, p. Modified '66; Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. One Phenomenal Fuelie p. Peter Fonda's coupe; Singular Sting Ray, p. L79 roadster; The Sweetest Reward, p.

L72 coupe; Blue Thunder, p.

From Idol to Star? |

L36 coupe; Power Hitter, p. Base coupe; One For The Books, p. L72 convertible; King Of Horsepower Hill, p. L79 coupe; The Epitome Of Elegance, p. L72 coupe; Driving The Legends More Power To You, p. L79 convertible; Few And Far Between, p. L89 coupe; One For The Road, p. L68 coupe; Big-Block Bridesmaid, p. Gus Grissom's convertible; The Right Stuff, p. TPI'd coupe; Tuned-Port '67, p. L71 coupe; The Ultimate Performance Statement, p. L89 coupe, convertible; Big-Block Lite Less weight, more thrilling, p.

Rare And Wonderful, p. L71 convertible; '67 Time Machine, p. Silver Anniversary overview; 25th Anniversary Silver Sting Rays, p. L88 coupe; The Dream Team, p. L79 coupe; Small-Block Sibling, p. L71 convertible; Restored In Stages, p. L70 coupe; Good Vibrations, p.

The Thunder Years; Certified Superstar , p. L36 convertible; Dreams Do Come True, p. L71 convertible; Lasting Impressions, p. L89 convertible; Sweet 16, p. L88 chassis; Home Again, p. Custom coupe; Subtly Sinister, p. L98 convertible; Fantasy Fullfilled, p. L68 coupe; The Ultimate, p.

L88 roadster; First In Fast, p. Carlisle give-away convertible; p. L88 coupe poster car ; L88 Corvette, p. L89 coupe; A Sharp-Toothed Shark, p. L88 automatic coupe; Automatic Awe, p. L79 convertible; Key West Corvette, p. L71 coupe; Duel Personality, p. Modified '68, Mild To Wild Modifieds, p.

L88 convertible; Driving The Legends King Of The Beasts, p. L88 coupe; Pure Power, p. The Great Debate, p. Two L88s; The First King All Hail The L88, p. A New Stingray, p. L71 convertible; L ZL-1; The Dream Team, p. The Thunder Years; Awesome Automatic , p. L88 convertible and small-block coupe; Class Of ' Modified convertible; Viper Killer, p. L89 coupe; Light Heavyweight, p.

Two '70 Corvettes; Matched Set, p. LT-1; Sensational Second, p. LS5 convertible; Big-Block Mandate, p. Custom '70 fuelie; Cool Customs LS5 Convertible; Roadster Redeemed, p. L46 small-block; The Forgotten Option, p. LT-1 coupe; Driving The Legends Small Block Sensation, p. Small-block; Just The Basics … droptop is the pride of Lyons, p. LT-1 coupe; Second Life, p. LS5 convertible; No Preservatives Added, p. LS6 convertible; Superb Survivor, p. ZR-2 convertible; Special Delivery, p. Convertible; Rare Pride, p. LS4 coupe; Coupe Deluxe, p. History; The Drivers Have Arrived In-depth look at ''77, p.

L48 convertible; Win This Car Carlisle giveaway Corvette, p. L48 coupe; Thrivin' Driver, p. Five coupes; Five To Drive A quintet of BG-certified '73s, p. Superstar Soft Top, p. LS4 coupe; Big-Block Bash Modified '74, Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. Small-block convertible; The Milestone Car, p. Convertible; Consummate Convertible, p. Black coupe and convertible L82s; Black Magic..

A rare pair, p. L48 coupe; One Stupendous Stingray, p. Sunshine Swan Song, p. L48 convertible; Silver Celebration, p. L82 roadster; Red-Blooded Roadster, p. L82 coupe; Win A Corvette L82 coupe; Stingray Spirit Of '76, p. L48 coupe; Third Time's The Charm, p. L48 coupe; Quick Silver, p. L48 coupe; Pristine Pumpkin, p. So Low '77, p. Silver Anniversary model, Driven To Perfection, p. Pace Car; Brickyard Corvettes, p. Pace Car replica; Pint-Sized Pacer, p. Limited Edition history ; Corvette Limited Edition, p.

Silver Anniversary L82; Golden Silver, p. ACI's special edition Corvette, p. L82 coupe; Worth Waiting For, p. Daytona custom; Cool Customs L48 coupe; Awesome '80, p. LG4 coupe; Golden State Gem, p. The Obvious Choice, p. Greenwood Daytona Turbo; Dream Donation Corvette museum gift, p. Lo-mile hardtop; The Original … With only miles on the block, Robert Powell's untouched Corvette is in a class by itself, p. Custom convertible; An '82 With A View, p. Gold-winning T-top; True Blue '82, p. Collector's Edition; Win This Car The Carlisle Corvette, p.

T-Top; Driven To Win, p. Modified '82; Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. Custom '82; Cool Customs Sharkee The Red Rocket, p. Collector's Edition; Special Edition, p. Collector's Edition; Incredible Collectible, p. The First '84; - Ten Years After, p. Cross-Fire coupe; Silver Sensation, p. Coupe; The Milestone Car, p.

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Modified '85; Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. Modified '86; Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. Modified '87; Mild To Wild Modifieds, p. Callaway coupe; Driving The Legends Twin Turbo Terror, p. Custom Coupe; Cool Customs Florida Highway Patrol, p. New for '91; The Year Of Refinement, p. L98 convertible; The Late Great L98, p. LT1 And Then Some, p. Corvette turns 40, p. One-Millionth Corvette; Greatness Endures Chevrolet rolls out the one millionth Corvette, p.

LT1 Shootout; Corvette Vs. Camaro See General Features. Standard ; The Silent Majority, p. A sneak peak inside C5, p. High-speed testing; Car Red, Knuckles White The results are in, p 20, June By The Numbers, p. Rolling In Bowling Green Modern Day Mauler, p. Corvette Racing '91; Corvette Racing Review A look back at ; ahead to , p.

Corvette Racing '94 Preview; Race Preview, p. Daytona ; The 1, Hours Before Daytona Lotus snaps Corvette win streak, p. Morrison Motorsport ZR-1s, p. Morrison Racing at Daytona, p. A tour of ASC's plant, p. Bertoni concept Corvette; Nivola, p. Callaway convertible; Master Blaster, p. Callaway Speedster; Tres Cool Callaway, p.

Reshaping The Envelope, p. Callaway rocks the supercar ranks again, p. A rocket for the road, p. Colani Corvette; Dreams Of Speed, p. Late-model big-block conversion, p. Greenwood '87 convertible; Dress Blues, p. Greenwood G; A Dream Greenwood Guldstrand roll bar; Roll 'Em Roll bars for ''93 convertibles, p. Guldstrand's GS90 brings pack the legend, 21st century style, p.

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  • Robert Jankel Creates A Tempest, p. Kaminari conversion; Roadster Redefined, p. Lister current ; Latter-Day Lister The Marocco II looks to the past to design a supercar for the 21st century, p. Morrison Motorsports; Sleek And Slick Tommy Morrison's horse custom, p. Rippie, Doug; Hot Handling Tricks Doug Rippie Part 1, p. Doug Rippie Part II, p. DRM's new LT1 unleashes a horse monster, p. When the King of the Hill just isn't enough, p.

    Rosen, Joel; Total Motivation Savage Performance; Savage King Rick Mears Special Edition, p. Four New Special Edition Corvettes, p. Take a good look at that frame before buying a Corvette, p. How To Buy A Corvette Buying The Best, p. The Quest For The Best You've found the car. But does it make the grade? Corvette Buyer's Checklist, p. Making The Sale selling , p. Confessions Of A Corvette Sleuth, p. Protection Selection insurance , p. Corvette Rust - The Forbidden Subject, p. A First For Everything - Buying ''82, p.

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    It's All In The Details First City Acceptance, p. Legal tips on buying, p. An inside look, p. Late-model used Corvettes, p.

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    Corvette emissions equipment, p. CF's guide to buying a Corvette, p. How To Buy A , p. Pardon me boys, is that the Corvette-carrying choo-choo? Arizona; Escape From LA LA To Scottsdale, p. Arizona; Main Street Rally Kicks on Route 66, p. Alps; In den Alpen Grand Bahama Grand Prix, p. California; Cruising The California Coast Pacific Coast Highway, p. California's Gold Country, p. California; High Sierra Sightseeing The Best In The West Touring Colorado's High Country, p. Florida; Touring Forgotten Florida, p. Cruising The Florida Keys, p. Chicago to Elkhart Lake, p.

    Thoroughbred country, Corvette style, p. Michigan; Spring In The U. Touring the Upper Peninsula, p. Nevada; The Wild Blue Yonder Reno's Air Races, p. New England; Autumn Awe Touring Scenic New England, p. The Outer Banks, p. North Carolina; Blue Ridge Blast Blue Ridge Parkway, p. Twisting and turning through the NC high country, p. Sampling International Canada, p. Rhode Island; Back Rhodes Big Corvette fun in the smallest state, p. South Dakota; Black Hills Gold Touring scenic South Dakota, p.

    Vermont in a ZR-1, p. Washington state; The Great Northwest Door County Wisconsin, p. Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, p. Answering the call of the open road in matching '62 Corvettes, p. Corvette In The Future; Corvette Corvettes CF missed; Bypassed Beauties, p. Corvette Language; Corvettespeak Simplified, p. Getting a new Corvette; Strange Encounter, p. A man, his Corvette and Murphy's Law, p. Late-Model love; The New Breed Pedal-powered '56 roadster; Young Man's Toy, p.

    Piersanti; The Eternal Triangle Clinical Strains and Symptoms, p. A mph Brush With Disaster, p. Taking Care Of Chet The Street Race Wars Of '62, p. The Fat Lady Sang Installing an Acrylic Dash, p. Aero Kits; Mild To Wild Wings And Things, p. Aero Kit Basics, p. Custom Painting Tips, p. Air bag; And I Walked Away How the air bag saved my life, p. Aftermarket tune-up parts; Tune-Up Tips, p. Audio system upgrade; New Tunes, p 24, Dec. Autocrossing; Autocross Fantasy, p. Bladder late-model seats ; Support Solution, p. Bonding Corvette panels plant tour ; The Birdcage, p. BG 10th Anniversary, p.

    Color Sanding; The Ultimate Shine Color sanding can make your Corvette's finish gleam, p. But now that I have an automatic, I scarcely notice the switch. The Stingray has a paddle shift option, supposedly simulating a manual transmission. I tried it, and will never use it again. I imagine it's like a serious bicycle racer being given a bike with training wheels.

    Send a private message to Arthur Chandleer. Find More Posts by Arthur Chandleer. Thanked Times in Posts. Originally Posted by Arthur Chandleer.

    Stick or Automatic? A confession

    Send a private message to 4thC4at Find More Posts by 4thC4at Thanked 13 Times in 11 Posts. I have both a C6 Callaway and a C7 Stingray. The Callaway is an auto with paddle shifts, and the C7 is the 7 spd. I confess that I'm more at home with the auto, especially in the traffic conditions we have here in South Florida. Lauderdale My new Stingray is a Premier Edition, and those only come with the 7 spd. I bit the bullet and brought it because I felt having the car was more important then worrying what transmission it has.

    Enjoy your new toy. I read somewhere recently where more Corvettes ARE sold with automatic transmissions then manuals. Send a private message to 2vetteEd. Find More Posts by 2vetteEd. Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post. Originally Posted by 4thC4at You don't know what you're doing if you dismiss the paddle shift. I have more than , miles in my C6, driven mostly using the paddle shifters Learn to use it Send a private message to ldepalma.

    Find More Posts by ldepalma. I had a similar dilemma. All of my cars had a manual. All of my wife's cars had autos with paddle shifting.

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    • I generally found that I was in auto mode or sport auto mode most of the time and before going around curves and highway ramps I put the transmission in full manual mode, pick the gear that would give me enough torque to keep the wheels driving and lightening the front end a little. I'm sure the C7 auto is better than mini or subaru's, but it's not the same. I got the M7.

      She can't drive the c7, but she's had 14 years to practice on the eagle talon and z and hasn't so the vette is all mine. Send a private message to stingray Find More Posts by stingray I'm still old school when it comes to shifting preference! I raced a car with a manual shifter for years and still like that experience! My new C7 will have the 7 speed manual! However, I have driven cars with the paddle shifters and like that as well!

      Probably all sports cars race cars use paddle shifters today! Faster shifts, hands on the wheel makes for no shifting mistakes on the track and today's duel clutches are so fast! Like I said though, I like that feeling of manual shifting! Send a private message to Specracer. Find More Posts by Specracer. I've loved my C6's M6 but with my bum left knee, my sometimes bum back, and my right shoulder about to be scoped, I'm going with an auto.

      I make no apologies. Send a private message to BlueOx. Find More Posts by BlueOx. Thanked 62 Times in 45 Posts. Originally Posted by BlueOx. Thanked 87 Times in 64 Posts. Send a private message to Mike Mercury. Visit Mike Mercury's homepage! Find More Posts by Mike Mercury. I have to admit my sons IS-F with 8 speed paddles is very impressive to drive.

      Corvette Confessions

      While not a C7 granted, the discussion is regarding manual vs paddles. While I can and do appreciate the advantages of the paddle cars I owned a paddle shifter M3 I will always be a gear jammer type. Send a private message to Boomer Find More Posts by Boomer My C4 that I'm currently driving while waiting for my C7 is an automatic.