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Our American Cousin

Join now to receive all the new music Molly Lewis creates, including this release and 6 back-catalog releases, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. A song in 3 movements about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Well, here we are, Ford Theater. This is pretty awesome! I don't know what this play is but I don't really care because oh my word I can't believe the president is here!

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I can't see him, but I know he's sitting up there When Harper's Weekly runs his picture, I like to keep it, I like to tear it out but my husband doesn't like it when I do this. Says he only has so much patience, and I might just wear it out Now the play has started but my head is somewhere else. The way he freed the slaves or something, that's so dreamy I wonder what his view is like from way up in that box If I flash a bit of ankle, he might see me He'll be like "Who's that fetching beauty?

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  4. My first term went by so fast And so far I'm thankful for the years I've had The war is now in the past And this play really isn't that bad —. Tags acoustic singer-songwriter ukulele Seattle. I play ukulele and write songs. Occasionally I lead melees. Christmas — with Extra Gravy. And the character's style of beard — long, bushy sideburns — gave the English language the word " dundrearies ".

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    In his autobiography, writer George Robert Sims recalled how "we went Dundreary mad in ' The shop windows were filled with Dundreary scarves, and Brother Sam scarves, and there were Dundreary collars and Dundreary shirts, and Dundrearyisms were on every lip. Dundreary became a popular recurring character, and Sothern successfully revived the play many times, making Dundreary by far his most famous role.

    Our American Cousin review – Yankee hero saves the play but not the president

    None of the characters from the original play appeared in this comedy. A number of sequel plays to Our American Cousin were written, all featuring several characters from the original, and focusing on the Lord Dundreary character. In the drawing room at Trenchard Manor, the servants remark on their employer's poor financial circumstances. Florence Trenchard, an aristocratic young beauty, loves Lieutenant Harry Vernon of the Royal Navy , but she is unable to marry him until he progresses to a higher rank.

    She receives a letter from her brother Ned, who is currently in the United States. Ned has met some rustic cousins from a branch of the family that had immigrated to America two centuries earlier. They relay to Ned that great-uncle Mark Trenchard had, after angrily disinheriting his children and leaving England years ago, found these cousins in Brattleboro, Vermont. He had moved in with them and eventually made Asa, one of the sons, heir to his property in England.

    Asa is now sailing to England to claim the estate. Asa is noisy, coarse, and vulgar, but honestly forthright and colourful. The English Trenchards are alternately amused and appalled by this Vermont cousin. Richard Coyle, agent of the estate, meets with Sir Edward Trenchard Florence's father and tells the baronet that the family faces bankruptcy unless they can repay a debt to Coyle.

    Coyle is concealing the evidence that the loan had been repaid long ago by Sir Edward's late father. Coyle suggests that the loan would be satisfied if he may marry Florence, who detests him. Meanwhile, Asa and the butler, Binny, try to understand each other's unfamiliar ways, as Asa tries to understand what the purpose of a shower might be, dousing himself while fully clothed. Mountchessington is staying at Trenchard Manor.

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    She advises Augusta, her daughter, to be attentive to the presumably wealthy Vermont "savage". Meanwhile, her other daughter Georgina is courting an imbecilic nobleman named Dundreary by pretending to be ill. Florence's old tutor, the unhappy alcoholic Abel Murcott, warns her that Coyle intends to marry her. Asa overhears this and offers Florence his help.


    Murcott is Coyle's clerk and has found proof that Florence's late grandfather paid off the loan to Coyle. Florence and Asa visit her cousin, Mary Meredith. Mary is the granddaughter of old Mark Trenchard, who left his estate to Asa. Mary is very poor and has been raised as a humble dairy maid. Asa does not care about her social status and is attracted to her. Florence has not been able to bring herself to tell Mary that her grandfather's fortune had been left to Asa. Florence tells Asa that she loves Harry, who needs a good assignment to a ship.

    Asa uses his country wile to persuade Dundreary to help Harry get a ship. Meanwhile, Coyle has been up to no good, and the bailiffs arrive at Trenchard Manor. At her dairy, Asa tells Mary about her grandfather in America, but he fibs about the end of the tale: He says that old Mark Trenchard changed his mind about disinheriting his English children and burned his will. Asa promptly burns the will himself. Florence discovers this and points it out to Mary, saying: