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Cute Sprites Pack 1. Scorpy Scorp - Side-Scroller Enemy. Legend of Fangury Characters and Tileset 8x8. UFO Simple and Cute. Animated Robot Set png. Plucky Girl Adventuror [Animated]. Bushly and Princess Sera. Platformer Bugs from Last Escape. Character and item sprites [for Ardentryst by Jordan Trudgett]. An 8-bit beat-em-up character sprite sheet. Multi-part sprites and other objects. Skull Monster Sprite Sheet. JellyBabes - Set Lolly - Set Mushrooms - Set Cute Monster Sprite Sheet. Wasp NPC and Tree.

Santa Sprite Sheet - 8 Bit. Animated woodpecker with a rock and roll style. Animated wasp wearing a scarf and aviator glasses. MV Platformer Male 32x Frog animation sprite sheet. MV Platformer Satyr 32x Heavy Terror Machine Assets. Dark soldier on a horse Valyria Tear. Princess Yasuko Super Miyamoto Land. Skeleton and Ghost spritesheets Ars Notoria. Traces of his checkered shirt are still visible on his chest.

After being under the influence of the Stand for a while, Diego is able to turn into a more human-shaped form while still retaining sharp teeth, claws, dinosaur legs and a tail, with a deranged, mad expression on his face. The dinosaurs created through Scary Monsters are blue and brown in the case of the small ones in all media featuring it colored. Scary Monsters deploys the might and agility of the ancient dinosaurs in various ways, and can also take control of people through simple contact, making facing it a dangerous endeavor.

Scary Monsters' main ability is to infect other living beings with a virus which transforms them into dinosaurs, [3] but also allows the user to control them. The User needs only to touch a victim to begin the transformation, for instance, Diego grazing the horsehair of his Silver Bullet to transform the fleas into small dinosaurs.

The transformation is portrayed inconsistently, Diego's first transformation being gradual [3] while subsequent ones are instantaneous.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The original user, Dr. Ferdinand, would exploit his power to transform others, using them to either travel by riding or hiding inside them [4] or fight for him. Diego typically uses this ability to create armies of miniature carnivorous hybrids out of birds, rats or fleas [5] or turn his own horse into a dinosaur [9] for support while he personally fights the enemy. Unlike Ferdinand, Diego is capable of changing his own body into a dinosaur, either completely or as a hybrid of the two.

By partially transforming, Diego can use the enhanced senses and strengths of a dinosaur.