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So I now know what exactly he's doing and what he wants and what sort of language he wants to learn. And he talked all the time It was actually easiert than I expected: Comment That sounds great, Jools. Reminds me of my latest English student who told me in the first lesson that he doesn't like English that's why he is so bad at it , that he doesn't read much, that he isn't very interested in what's going on in the world and that his only hobby is sport And sorry for being hard to spell: Thank you for enlightening me about the Gouin method not easy to spell either I hadn't heard about it, though the strategy of repetition seems kind of logical.

And there was me thinking it had to do something with salad Funny enough, since the discussion has returned to teaching methods, this post is not even out of context: Comment Hi Goldammer, here is a nice thread for him - about Sport aus England ;-. Comment Wouldn't cricket or snooker be weird enough to provide lots to talk about as a start? And that's not meant in a bad way. The weirdness of snooker got me absolutely hooked. Comment Thanks for the new shell and the highlights, Gibson.

It does not at all look like a debut shell: It's not, because I'm too shy to express my views. However, it is usually a delicate topic and that makes it necessary to ponder one's words a bit more carefully than in other discussions. I had no time for that, so you will have to live without my input that no doubt would have answered all questions once and for all ;-.

Comment Bye until tomorrow night. We are driving to the Mosel valley this afternoon, sleeping outdoors "under the free sky" 6-gear if the weather allows it if not we have a tent in a lovely spot above the valley which we discovered years ago by pure chance and have gone back to from time to time for one night. Tomorrow, we'll go to Koblenz where there's a flower and garden show at the moment, the "Bundesgartenschau". Comment Sounds nice, Goldammer. Have fun and no rain! Comment Not enough for a question in the "Sprachlabor", but here I can ask it: He said 53 of the dead were militiamen and 7 were army soldiers.

Scores were also wounded. Is "scores" a common expression in such a context? Comment I have come across "scores of sth. Your example I had to read twice to figure it out and realise that "scores" was a word I knew.

Chrossover Chat 187

But then, of course, I am a DMS and can only report that the word itself can't be so very rare since I've seen it before. Ich habe doch keinen Film am Wochenende gesehen. Comment Ok twice now you guys have blocked my comment on "score"! You kept me from editing, too: This is also why each lesson should be as customer-focussed as possible. The busiest times for lessons are thus early in the morning, late in the evening and on weekends. I think I am actually very lucky that my lesson starts at 10am and not at 8: I guess that's because my student works in the creative industry and his main working hours are in the evening and at nights.

So he doesn't want to get up too early either. Heute Abend, sobald ich nach Hause komme. Vor 20 Minuten kam einer hier rein und meinte, er muss unser Wasser abstellen. Ich frage ihn mehrmals, wer er ist. Wieso sagt er nicht sofort, dass er vom Landscaper kommt?? Ich kann das doch gar nicht wissen. Ich krieg die Krise. Ich hatte auch ein falsches Bild von Deinem Arbeitgeber. Es scheint, dass alles gut gehen wird. Scores of militiamen and solders were also wounded.

Comment Robert, that "score" is Merriam Webster's meaning a 57 , though, isn't it? Fourscore is four times twenty, not four times quite a lot. That's a rather complicated way of saying "eighty-seven", reminds me of the French way of handling large numbers. But it sure sounds so much better: Maybe because that one is for the plural use only. But still, I think the "very many" meaning is slightly misplaced under "twenty".

Da denke ich an hunderte oder tausende. Du hast recht, "score" kann eine unbestimmte Zahl sein, nur um die In Bezug auf Zahlworter - ich finde "sennight" 1 Woche und "fortnight" 2 Wochen toll. Comment Ich denke "score s " -- d. Aber "score" an sich ist schon begrentz auf Comment "Fortnight" puzzled me so much when I first came across it: That was a case for the "etymological eurekas" thread. Just realised that it's "se'en night s " and "fo'rt' night s "! Ever come across a German talking about "in acht Tagen"? That's supposed to mean in exactly a week. And while I was pondering about that I found the seven in sennight: Comment Lara , offensichtlich sehen wir den Satz ein bisschen anders.

Ja, ich kenne "in acht Tagen" und benutze die Redewendung. Comment Not being a native speaker I don't really count, but "an indefinitely large number" sounds way too large for me, too. Maybe it's because my mathematically trained mind tends to interpret this as somewhere in infinity. Robert, sorry, but "Wahrscheinlich ist es nur mich" doesn't even work six-gear. Maybe it's me, but to my taste the grammar gets twisted too much. Ja, dass wusste ich schon. Comment I read a book the other day where there were 'x scores' everywhere, and although I knew the word I found it a bit silly to read 'he had to climb three score stairs' or something.

It wasn't a historical or fantasy setting, either. After a while it became really irritating. And I know you must climb up the walls sometimes in that company of yours, but I for one find your stories extremely entertaining. No more water - great! I'd miss them if you found a nicer job, I really would.

Had I only known, Diptam , that it's allowed to shorten your name, how much easier my life would have been but maybe that's a privilege for a selected few only. And it went all right, didn't it? Probably the first discussion of this kind on LEO that didn't go off the rails at some point And a belated thanks to Robert for the explanations This is one for the non-natives: My students today said 'I saw him tomorrow morning', meaning, of course, ' this morining'.

This particular mix-up is something that happens to me, too, quite often, and I wonder if you have some words you regularly get wrong even though you know them? I don't mean things like 'this' and 'that' that I often get wrong because I don't always know which one is correct, I simply don't get the rules completely, but more like 'links' und 'rechts' - something I do know, in theory, but still confuse in real life all the time. Comment Gibson, had you only paid attention in a previous thread: Crossover Chat - Or harambee's for that matter, I think she was after all of us in a particular profession.

But it seems Robert agrees with you that I'm hard to spell 68 ;- I hadn't even imagined you could confuse tomorrow with this morning though it's kind of logical if you come to think about it; if morrow means morning and to-day this day and to-night this night then why isn't to-morrow this morning? That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Comment Ah, that brings up the mystery about 'physicists' and 'Dipty' again, which leaves me, like wi-chan, very confused.

What's all that about? Are you a physicist? Any you saved me: I always thought 'al-hamdullillah' meant 'guten Appetit'. It's kind of close, I guess, if you think 'saying grace at dinner' Comment Robert, you are excused ;- Gibson, I think the confusion arose because harambee and I were talking about being physicists a lot well, at least for a few posts because an incorrectly stated physics question in the Pub Quiz thread had made us all come out of the woodwork there.

Hm poked fun of that and harambee's "all physicists are alike" cliche citing her: So, in short, hm wanted to know whether I had a nickname or not and might that be Dipty. Have I helped to clear up the mystery or made it worse? Comment Have I helped to clear up the mystery or made it worse? No, you've made it very clear, with proper quotes and all - must be the ordered mind of a scientist ; Thank you. Comment Quoting I think is not so much a science skill.

I only knew pars pro toto and had to look up the opposite, so thank you for making me do that: Keine Suppe, keinen Tee? Hat jemand etwa das Fenster offen gelassen? Aber Religion geht anscheinend auch nicht. Gerade als es spannend wurde. Was der Gegensatz zu 'pars pro toto' ist, habe ich auch verpasst. Heute ist alles Tripoli. In Bezug auf Religion - ich hoffe, mein Sendschreiben ist gut angekommen und hat die Fragen zufriedenstellend beantwortet. Was macht der Salat? Ich musste den Satz nur noch schnell zitieren, um ihn im Cyberraum zu verewigen. Aber hoffentlich liegt das nur an der Hitze.

In a few hours I have another new student and when I had a look at the material, I saw that it starts with the Future Continuous Progressive. But I just realized that I cannot explain, why it's not: Comment Ich ziehe diese vor. Vielleicht ist es wie auf Deutsch: Ich fahre Morgen statt Ich werde Morgan fahren. Comment Good morning, fellow snails!

I'm back from Vorarlberg and a wedding in Germany just in time for the hottest day of this summer or so the weatherman claims. The opposite of pars pro toto? Why, totum pro parte of course Comment Hi Jurist, corr.: Comment I'd rather drive Morgan, too.

Free Download Of Ebooks For Mobiles Pandora The Beautiful Ibook | Ebook Free Download Sites.

Nice word, I'm sure, but hardly ever used these days outside of a religious context. Comment Good morning snails! Thank you, Gibson, for the nice new home! Don't have much - or, to be precise, anything - to contribute. And I have a huge and rather unpleasant project on my desk that asks for all of my attention as my colleague conveniently chose this week to take a few days off, leaving me alone to take care of her projects, my projects and any new projects.

I'd give my non-existant kingdom for an air-con! And this from me, who always complains about the air-con in the US office! And now for work! I found an interesting table which says that Future Progressive is used to talk about an action that will definitely happen because it usually happens or something that will happen in the normal course of events, rather than being part of your plans and intentions. Comment Good morning, dear snails! Gibson, thank you so much for the wonderful home and highlights!

And, to come back to your favourite topic: Here the sky is grey - and it's actually raining, I just saw. We just had a thunderstorm - not very long, not very intense? One bolt of lightning struck about 50m from my office. We all jumped, and two car alarms went off Comment Jools, but that excludes the "Will I be seeing you at the conference? Because that's a one-off thing, nothing that occurs regularly.

Comment Gibson, thank you for the lovely new shell and the highlights. Yes, sometimes my fingers are faster than my manners Comment Nitpicky comment on hm's In German it is Tripolis instead of Tripoli. Sometimes these proper name thingies are very strange. TumbleStaub, a thunderstorm in the morning? Round here, we usually get them in the evening. Or did I miss something and it's actually evening for you?

Might be, I don't keep a map of snail locations: Where do you grow? Comment Unfortunately, I think I've got no hope of growing any more. I am located slightly to the east of you, but for some reason our weather seems to behave differently. Or maybe I don't notice mid-day thunderstorms, although I wouldn't know why. Comment Guten Morgen, Schnecken! Ich muss noch nachlesen, ob harambee auch zufrieden ist. Letzte Woche war ich in England. Mir sind keine Zeichen von Krawallen aufgefallen, obwohl die jungen Leute von Cambridge sich vor anscheinend eher als in den Pubs und Clubs trafen.

Comment Diptamdost, a thunderstorm NOT in the evening unusual? Comment Confronted with this overwhelming evidence I give up. Seems we have strange weather here. Or maybe it's because I only notice lightning in the night when it shows up so much better. Comment Thanks for the new shell, Gibson. Back from some lovely days in Munich with really the best possible weather - sunny and warm, but not tropbical as it is now here in office again - for sightseeing.

If you have to share some thunder and storm, estrellita, it would be very welcome here in the east of Austria. Comment Actually, it just started again, this time with some more rain, and I'd be happy to send it over to you, Sachs! Comment Guten Morgen zusammen! Heute bin ich gut gelaunt. Ich dachte, ich warte eine Woche, weil sie Zeit brauchen werden, um alle Bewerbungen durchzulesen. Ich habe mich aber auf zwei weitere Stellen beworben, also ich sehe das Ganze sehr positiv an.

Ich habe "Sendschreiben" [humor] und [pseudo-relig] gemeint. Hm hatte ein paar Fragen gestellt, und ich habe eine Mitteilung an sie geschickt. Sie die Mitteilung, nicht hm war ziemlich lang. Ich denke, "Sendschreiben" deckt ziemlich genau das gleiche Sprachgebiet wie "epistle" auf Englisch. Comment I've been wondering: ENS, can you understand at all why Loriot's dead is so important here in Germany? It's all over the media and a lot of people me included felt sad when they heard about it.

I think at least there is nobody else whom everybody seems to like, no matter how old, and whose works get cited so often. The cynical bit inside me has been asking itself whether these obituaries had already been prepared. The media reacted so quickly and he was 87, after all. Comment Yes, I was also sad when I read it - and happy that he left such a great heritage? And that he apparently could just "go to eternal sleep", without much suffering.

Diptamdost, I don't know for sure, as I'm not in the media, but I heard that they have obituaries just looked that one up for important people e. That's why they are so quick when somebody actually dies. Comment Ah, estrellita, now I can't just make that "dead" disappear and make it read "death" as it should I think I'd heard of the obituaries in advance thing, too.

Kind of makes sense from a business point of view although it really is a bit cynical. Comment Ich kann das verstehen. Comment There is this old discussion whether Germans have any sense of humor. I'm sure nobody here will doubt that as you all have read me ;- However, would you see the fact that many Germans like Loriot sketches as an example of a somewhat strange German humor?

We all love overgeneralization, don't we? Comment re pre-written obits: I think it's a good idea, it gives the still-alive celebs a chance to have a say in their obituaries: In fact, I would be happy to write my own obit and let you use it free of charge. Yours faithfully, Important Person" I remember my aunt being stuck with distant relatives nobody of us really knew but who happend to be in the area and had to be put up for the night. As we had nothing in common and nothing to say to each other, my aunt suggested watching a DVD and put in 'Papa Ante Portas' a Loriot film.

My aunt, despite having seen the film quite a few times, almost fell off the sofa because she was laughing so hard, while the relatives watched in stony silence, not even a corner of their mouths twitching, totally unimpressed. Loriot is not for everybody I'd be happy to resume the religious discussion, I didn't realise we'd stopped, to be honest.

Just thought it was one of those CC things, topics meandering randomly. I've got another one: In Germany, we've just had a year-old politician male resign because he had an affair with a sixteeen-year-old girl. So it's not actually illegal, but it still sounded very dodgy to a lot of people, so the pressure got to much and he had to go. He can't see anything wrong with it though and claims it was 'schlichtweg Liebe'. What do you think?

Comment I understand he did have a wife on the side, though? Politicians have been made to resign for less, I'm sure. Comment Funny enough, when it came up in the news first, there was no mention of a wife. So at least in the first reports there wasn't a word said about adultery, just this sixteen-year old. Comment I'm not sure. I read something about a long-term partner that he married after the affair with the girl was over, but I think he said that at the time 'he was not in a relationship'.

So maybe the long-term partner and he were having a time-out? Comment I haven't followed it much, but I'm quite sure there was no wife. The pressure came mainly from his own party CDU. Maybe I'm not romantic enough, but I can understand that people doubt the reasoning powers of an year-old man who claims he has fallen in love with a year-old girl he met on facebook or something. And, anyway, this "love" didn't last for very long, did it?

Comment He looks pretty much married to me Comment it really is a bit cynical Wieso? Das finde ich nicht zynisch, sondern praktisch. Was ich nicht verstehe, ist, warum man ihn so lustig findet. Soeben habe ich "Die Herren im Bad" angeschaut und kein einziges Mal geschmunzelt. Loriots Humor verstehe ich als Amerikanerin einfach nicht. Oder hatte sie den schon gemacht und lernt schon Floristin oder Kassiererin? Gemeinsame Interessen und Freunde hatten wir schon, denn wir kannten uns schon seit etwa 7 Jahren.

Like I said, he's married now. Comment Ratten, Gibson, jetzt kann ich das U aus rautsam nicht mehr klauen. Ich sehe das Ganze ziemlich wie Amy. Comment Ja, danke, Lara, und bei dir? Einigen Kollegen wurde schwindlig. Schlimm war es aber bei uns nicht.

EPICSTUN besucht uns LIVE im UFO

Sorry about the confusion with deleting my confuse nocturnal comment. I was glad when I received a note around midnight that they accepted another manuscript, and finished a bottle of Malbec. I keep receiving these NYT e-mails forwarded from my Illinois account: There were no immediate reports of damage. It is not clear how far the earthquake spread, but tremors were felt throughout New York City office buildings and as far north as Concord, N.

Ein bisschen zu viel Aufregung, nicht? Ich hoffe, es geht allen gut. Comment Hier ist auch alles in Ordnung, es hat uns nur erschreckt. Ich muss nicht damit einverstanden sein. Allerdings lernten die meisten davon erst einander kennen, nachdem sie die Schule bzw. Das ist sein Privatleben und seine Sache. Das scheint aber nicht der Fall gewesen zu sein. Comment Auch von mir ein Selbstkorrektur: Comment That sounded quite serious the quake. The worst I've ever experienced in the part where I live is a bit of glass clinking in the cupboards, I can't quite picture an earthquake strong enough to have to evacuate a building.

I'm glad you're all okay. I don't think I'd necessarily have a moral problem with the affair, but a nearly year-old who is apparently happy to find emotional and intellectual fulfillment with a teenager is not somebody I'd want to make important political decisions. But then again, if incompetence was a reason to resign, there'd be quite a few resignations, I imagine. I don't really know where I stand, but a sixteen-year-old is quite vulnerable and I find the 'true love' thing hard to believe not least, as somebody pointed out, as it didn't last very long.

So I guess he did use her, or at least he should have known better and realised there's a difference between infatuation and lust on the one hand and love on the other. Comment Hier bekommen wir noch Erdbeben noch Regen. Gut zu wissen, dass bei Lara und bei SD3 nichts gebrochen wurde.

Lara, hoffentlich hast du nicht 'Heilige Sch Was legal ist, ist nicht unbedingt ratsam. Aber offensichtlich denkt so einer nicht gerade mit dem Kopf. Und hat auch keinen Geschmack. Comment I agree - sixteen is still very young and any sort of admiration or affection toward someone incomparably much older shouldn't be exploited by the latter. The article where I replaced "pulchritudinous" is about another species. The recently accepted one is also about a single new and remarkable species also representing a new monospecific genus , but includes much more data on life history and ecology.

I became a little bit desperate with all my undescribed species, and am digging out and completing old manuscripts, as far as very limited time permits and got an entirely new one published two weeks ago. Comment Boah, Hut ab. Oder nur im Osten? Comment I just heard about the earthquake. It's good to read here that everybody in that region seems to be OK. And to that year-old: Sometimes there are stories about years-old girls who became mothers in the papers. The only thing that comes to my mind then is, that we live in the 21st century and there are means to avoid that.

And no, cold is really bad for motivation. But seeing some progress is encouraging indeed. I'm not really sure about the strength of this earthquake, but it seems comparable to a small one I had once experienced in Ecuador. That was really strange, in the middle of the night, a friend and me the only persons still awake and working in a field station.

More than a decade ago. And regardless of the rapidly advancing time, there are still many people living in the past century. Think of all the Arabian and Asian dictators, unenlightened pseudoreligious suicide terrorists, and even the teapartinistic lunatics Including the FIP, if I remember well, although they obviously use 21st-century technology. Ob das nun ein Charakterfehler oder ein Gendefekt ist, kann ich nicht sagen.

Vor der Erfindung der Klimaanlage z. Aber nicht unbedingt vor der CD oder dem Internet. Ich habe nur ein paar kleinere Erdbeben in Studentenheimen an der Uni erlebt, aber es war durchaus beunruhigend. Great Blue Heron zool. Comment Good morning snails. To be honest, I couldn't care less, not even depending on whether he was married or not at that time. I guess it's better we don't know how many politicans have affairs, and in my opinion it doesn't make a difference if the subject of adultery is 16, 60 or anything between or above. If all of them had to leave we'd get rid of quite a number of these folks very quickly I guess.

And that a relationship between a 39 year old and a 16 year old isn't so very common and not really an aspect in favour of his intellectual maturity - well if this was a reason to make him go, similar reason had to be found for many of those who survived the "cleaning process due to extramarital affairs". Maybe at least it was of some benefit for the 16 year old and she has a nice well-paid job now somewhere ;- About Loriot: I watched about 40 minutes of programme about him that was telecast yesterday "in memory" and all I got was one little tortured smile.

I guess something must be wrong with my sense of humour, since all the celebrities who talked about him thought him to be soooo funny, still after seeing his sketches numerous times before I stopped trying after these 40 minutes. Good luck for Amy to find a new flat and congrats to WK for his published articles. Comment I entertain the suspicion that to love Wagner excludes to love Loriot - the mentalities are too extremely opposit, ehemmm Comment Thanks, Robert, looks much easier that way.

I just wondered if Jools future form would be possible here. Glad you told me you're not Jools, never would have realized: Comment don't you "stick to sth"? I however remember innumerable conversations with friends which consisted almost only of Loriot quotations. My standard reply to an annoying question like "Und was ist das? When hubby comes home early, it is almost natural to ask: It does not feel like Christmas, unless Opa Hoppenstedt has claimed that they had had more tinsel back in the old days and I will again and again laugh until I cry when hubby enters a supermarket here in China or anywhere else in the world and proclaims loudly and clearly: Mein Name ist Herr Jools , ich kaufe hier ein!

Kloebener argue about the rubber duck in the bathtub, when Erwin Lindemann tries to talk about his future plans after he won the lottery, or when Evelyn Hamann presents the latest episode of an English TV series and gives a review of the previous events I particularly like this comment by Ralf Husmann: Comment Ach ja, Futur. Just read a report about the earthquake yesterday. It seems there is some damage in Washington cathedral, monument and some people were injured. So I'm even more glad to hear that east coast snails are well. Comment Jools in I'm just having a quick look in here to clear my mind a bit.

I honestly couldn't care less, though I can understand that some people find his relations to a year old morally not quite ok. I guess maybe even he might not be pleased if he had a daughter who was about that age and who entered into a relationship with a man of his age. Coming to think of it, it used to be "quite common" to marry of girls of that age to much older men about a hundred or one hundred and fifty years ago, wasn't it? It's not against the law in Germany it would be in the US, though, wouldn't it? What surprised me however is the way his party dealt with it - talk about double standards.

His death is sad indeed, but then again he had lived his live and he had reached a relatively high age. And even if he is gone, his humour stays with us. I'm sure in a few years from now I will still recite some of his texts when an appropriate occasion arises and I'm sure they will show "Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts" on TV every year - it's a classic just like "Dinner for One". I have felt one here in Germany a few years back, waking up in the night from the house actually shaking and that was not as strong , and I always hope there never is an earthquake when I'm over in California.

It's definitely not an experience I'd like to have, to be quite honest. Good luck for the flat hunting, Amy! Comment I love most of Loriot's cartoons and many of his sketches. Die Herren im Bad is one of my favorites. I didn't find a full original version on youtube; so I'm not sure whether you watched the original, Amy-MiMi. But probably that wouldn't make a change.

I won't be able to make you find it funny. You are right, Jools, many quotations from Loriot's sketches have entered into general knowledge and are used in conversations. I remember years ago I asked in here why the "Deutsche Bahn" used it in their annunciations of the next stop: I think , if I remember it correctly, the answer I got was that using it was intended to convey a sort of message about the reliability and punctuality of the "Deutsche Bahn" trains, because it expressed that one could be certain this would happen.

This would also fit the explanation you found. Comment "Ich nehme meine Ente herein! Comment oops, was I wrong there with my quote? Comment The duck never gets to touch water: Mit Ihnen teilt meine Ente das Wasser nicht! AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Was muss heute noch erledigt werden? Letzteres ist nicht Katharinas makaberen Humor geschuldet, sondern dem Knoten in ihrer Brust. Doch hier geht es nicht um den Kampf gegen die Krankheit, die Tage nach der Diagnose oder dem Neuanfang nach dem Sieg gege Katharina schreibt gerne Listen. Es sind gerade mal 24 Stunden, die wir Katharina begleiten. Denn wie akzeptiert man dieses Ding in seiner Brust, wenn man nebenbei noch Mutter, Haus- und Ehefrau und Musiklehrerin ist?

Oder wenn der Sohn die erste Freundin nach Hause bringt? Wenn der ehemalige Mitbewohner aus Studentenzeiten anreist und den Kopf mit Martini und Apfelmus verwirrt? Wie soll man da Zeit haben zu realisieren, verstehen und akzeptieren? Die Thematik ist hart, Katharinas gedankliche Eskapaden keine leichte Kost und trotzdem kann das Buch nur schwerlich aus der Hand gelegt werden.

Warum hat sie das getan? Was passiert nun weiter? Es geht um den Krebs, den Protagonistin Katharina hat oder auch nicht, es geht um Familie, Nachbarschaft, Freundschaft und Wertvorstellungen. Dasselbe Los hat sie wohl nun auch gezogen. Ich werde nach und nach weniger werden, mich immer weiter von der Person entfernen, die ich jetzt bin. So weit, so gut! I was lucky to get a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange of an honest review.

And I just loved this book! I can't even begin to describe this book and the story, but what I liked so much about the book, were the thoughts the main protagonist and narrator- Katharine, during the course of the events of a single day! I would call it a tragic comedy. As you read about all the mishaps in the narrator's life- from her past, to the events of this day and what is coming for her in her future, I was lucky to get a copy of this book from Netgalley, in exchange of an honest review.

As you read about all the mishaps in the narrator's life- from her past, to the events of this day and what is coming for her in her future, you will wonder how is she even dealing with all this and keeping her sanity! Each character is quirky in their own sense and while you get introduced to each character, there is also some scary mishap happening in the background, such as a severed thumb, bleeding nose, burning dryer, lost rats, deaths and cancer- yes, cancer. Katharina loves making lists- about everything, and that made me think of me- you should see my private diary- it is full of such lists!

And her thoughts on subjects like love, technology, friendship, career, feminism, motherhood, are again so relatable. Or at least I can say that I have had similar thoughts many times in my life too: She also loves her classical music and that is the only other thing that gives her true joy, than her family, children and friends.

The ending of the book is funny and open ended, leaving you with some hope for Katharine. I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it to all the hassled moms out there: One of my reading goals this year was to pick up more works in translation, so when I won a copy of Look at Me, translated from German by Imogen Taylor, from Text Publishing, I moved it to the top of the pile.

The story follows the life of mother Katharina across the course of a very challenging day, questioning her sense of self, the role of women and the ridiculousness of life. There One of my reading goals this year was to pick up more works in translation, so when I won a copy of Look at Me, translated from German by Imogen Taylor, from Text Publishing, I moved it to the top of the pile.

I went through a roller coaster of emotions reading this book. There are moments of such wonderful dark humour that I was chuckling to myself. Katharina's descriptions of her daughter's ADHD were heartbreakingly accurate. Her relationship with Costas, her husband was puzzling while the effects of her mother's death were clearly felt. I wasn't that keen on the ridiculous scene as an ending. Katharina and her 'thing' on her breast deserved more than that.

Sieh mich an

I liked the pace of the book. It was a goo I went through a roller coaster of emotions reading this book. It was a good read. I wanted to like this book, because for the first few pages I enjoyed the style of writing, but it just didn't work for me. As the book went on the writing or maybe the translation became clunky - again, I wanted to get behind a book that claimed to be putting forward a feminist argument, but the character came out with vast sections on why women's rights are important, but nothing she said or did around it seemed in keeping with this which made it feel tokenistic and tagged on.

Examples inclu I wanted to like this book, because for the first few pages I enjoyed the style of writing, but it just didn't work for me. Examples include forgetting the names of other female characters or just referring to them as 'Barbie'. I didn't relate to any of the characters - Theo's reaction to his accident seemed detached, Killian is completely tactless and not very rounded as a character, the narrator is condescending whilst also being unlikeable. Without this review to write I wouldn't have made myself finish it - I was glad when it ended.

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I received an advanced copy in return for honest feedback from Netgalley. Jul 30, Andrea Karminrot rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wie soll ich es sagen? Das will doch keiner wissen! Ich werde das schon alleine auf die Reihe bekommen, so wie es in allem ist… So denkt Katharina, die Hauptdarstellerin in dem Buch: Vielleicht auch selber nachhelfen, bevor der Krebs mich auffrisst? Ich finde, es ein schwieriges Thema, vor allem, wenn man mit 40 noch zu jung zum sterben ist. Als sie einen Knoten in ihrer Brust entdeckt. Katharinas Leben steht auf dem Kopf.

Katharina hat ein kleines Buch. Unter anderem, hat sie dort eine Liste angelegt, wie man sich am Besten aus dem Leben stiehlt Sie ist Musiklehrerin in einem Kindergarten aber eigentlich ist sie studierte Musikwissenschaftlerin und liebt klassische Musik. Somit steht sie mit ihrem Problem komplett alleine da.

Sie hat eine Art zu schreiben, die einem die Luft nimmt. Ich kann nur empfehlen, dieses Buch zu lesen, ein wirklich geniales Buch. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. This will not effect my review of this book. Please visit my blog at thejwordpress.

The day begins with a trip to once again pick up her daughter, Helli, from school. During this 18 hour or so period there are sad, funny, strange and ju I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. During this 18 hour or so period there are sad, funny, strange and just plain weird interactions to be faced. Unfortunately the reader is not drawn into this story. Katharina seems to wander through the day recounting events but not evaluating or deciding anything.

Her failure to act only causes more stress for her. At some point, we need her to be an adult. Aug 09, Wedma rated it it was amazing. Den Roman habe ich sehr gerne gelesen. Der Titel hat mich angesprochen. Manchmal wird sie ironisch-sarkastisch, aber das passt zu ihrem messerschaften Verstand und zu dem, was sie sieht. So ganz viel Aktion ist nicht da, muss auch nicht, denn das, was den Roman ausmacht, das sind Katharinas Gedanken, denn diese halten der Gesellschaft Spiegel vor Augen.

Nicht von der Hand zu weisen sind die Dinge, die Katharina Sorgen machen. In der letzten Zeit streiten sie sich oft, wenn er mal da ist, entfremden sich immer weiter. Sie ist ein nicht zu erreichendes Ideal, das an allen Ecken und Enden verraten wird. Wir haben nur im Zorn durchblicken lassen, wer wir wirklich sind. Sie hat sich in der Schulblade bequem gemacht und ist in der sechsten Klasse sitzen geblieben. Niemand will sie dort herausholen. Das Hauptthema wird auch metaphorisch umspielt: Hier darf niemand wachsen, wie er will.

Auch weil er ein akutes Thema beleuchtet, das nicht oft zur Sprache kommt.

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Hellis wilde Aktionen kamen mir tw. Look At Me is an appropriate title here because this book is all about the selfish me me me lead character. Her inner dialogue was appalling and I found nothing remotely likeable or relatable about this character at all. Even her children were terrible. The most infuriating thing was that the lead character tried to convince the reader that she was doing everything for others, but really inside she was just oh so very selfish.