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Anderson, whose articles on de Vere have appeared in Harper's He lives in Massachusetts. Astonishingly little evidence supports the traditional belief that Will Shakespeare, the actor and businessman from Stratford-upon-Avon, was the author. Untreed Reads Bolero Ozon. But only as a hypothesis, and one that also should be flagged as such. As Oxford's first biographer, B. Ward first pointed out , there's a record in the calendar of manuscripts at Hatfield House XIII , of a copy of a New Testament which is no longer extant. But the manuscript calendar does transcribe a Latin inscription from the book's flyleaf.

Nina Green's excellent Oxford-Shakespeare website has the full Latin transcript with an English translation here. Here's part of it:. Still, despite its anonymous nature, the context of the poem does suggest Oxford's hand, especially as it might offer an interesting glimpse into an insecure, doting zealotry in Oxford's intense scrutiny over Anne's pregnancy. Tuesday, February 04, These c. Rambler is a pseudonymous blogger with an encyclopedic grasp of early modern drama who's been posting on nearly a daily basis since last April about his forays into Elizabethan and early Jacobean plays written by many authors other than "Shakespeare.

Executive summary of Rambler's posts: Writers from the London literary scene years ago -- Chapman, Middleton, Jonson, Nashe, and numerous others as well -- had all written in guarded terms about Edward de Vere as "Shakespeare. And the Oxfordian theory specifically. Anyone interested in the authorship question should really bookmark its RSS feed and Please, just go read Rambler. Post 1 , post 2 As I was writing "Shakespeare" by Another Name in '04, I'd reached the conclusion myself that England's queen seems to have served as a prototype for the play's bloodthirsty Scottish queen -- at least in the context of the Mary Queen of Scots trial and Elizabeth's and, as a jury member in Mary's trial, Oxford's ordering Mary's beheading.

"Shakespeare" By Another Name

To liken Mary's execution to deicide is no mere exaggeration. Books can, and should, be written about this.

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SBAN only begins to get the ball rolling. Anyway, Rambler's two posts argue that the late Elizabethan play Blurt, Master Constable riffs on Lady Macbeth and language in Macbeth that strongly suggests Macbeth inspired this play that was published in Rambler points out that previous scholarship points to '01 as Blurt's likely composition date, but would be a hard-fast number here. For Macbeth to have influenced Blurt , some version of it must have been written and likely performed before Blurt was published. If Rambler is correct, to put it mildly, this would pose a serious problem for Stratfordian chronology.

Yet, as noted in SBAN 's Appendix on the " Question" , the allusions Macbeth makes that might be seen as Gunpowder Plot references also trace back to courtroom trials from the s and '90s, one of which Edward de Vere even sat on the jury for! See here and especially here. In all 3 cases, the claim is these are plays definitively written sometime after Edward de Vere died, in June So, if any one of those claims could be established firmly, then — again to put it mildly — it'd be very difficult sledding ahead for the Oxfordian paradigm.

Shakespeare By Another Name A Biography Of Edward De Vere, Earl Of Oxford, The Man Who Was Shakespea

Instead, however, has emerged as a kind of line in the sand. Attempts to discover firm evidence for composition of "Shakespeare" plays before often prove fruitful. Oxfordian chronologies of the "Shakespeare" canon from before draw on much the same evidence Stratfordian chronologies do.


Blurt, Master Constable is just the latest example. As Rambler signs off, Thank you for reading. His move from Stratford to London in the late s at the very earliest is presumed to be the earliest possible date for any "Shakespeare" work. So Comedy of Errors , as an example, may ultimately date to as Stratfordian chronologies theorize. But the performance at court in of the anonymous play A Historie of Error as noted in SBAN also makes good sense as an early draft of what eventually was staged and published as the mature "Shakespeare" work.

I can already hear the Stratfordian reply: Who's to say Macbeth wasn't referencing Blurt, Master Constable? To which I say, simply, one is one of the greatest plays ever written. The other is a largely forgettable lark.

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The spoof post-dates the thing it's spoofing. Great masters at the top of their game don't worry themselves with referencing disposable goofs and trifles. In anywhere but topsy-turvy Stratford-land, this is Q. Sunday, January 12, Shakespeare, Decaffeinated.

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